Introducing Andrew to an old friend!

I have mentioned once before on this blog fond memories of waking as a child in the morning to find my Nanna sitting at the kitchen table, usually completing a crossword puzzle or often writing lists (probably where I get it from), waiting to serve me jam and cheese on toast for breakfast.

Come on in …!

“44 Cookham Road” isn’t a clever (poor!) attempt at a play on words, but rather, the address of my Nanna’s home for 37 years and the title of my first ever blog! 

Yes, it is true I am attempting my first foray into the online communication medium that seems to have taken the world by storm. Being generally behind the technological 8-ball I had no idea of the potential that existed until I started on all of this!

I am assuming you want to know why? Not why I am behind the technological 8-ball, but why this blog...

Those of you who know me well would agree when I say I am an accidental investment banker who has an unrelenting passion/obsession for food, photography and books (oh and the colour red!). My journey until now has led me to this point, and don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about the various paths I have been on as I don’t believe in having regrets or looking in the rear view mirror – everything happens for a reason.

The paths have served me well, my current career serves me well and I must be somewhat ok at it as I have just been promoted for the second year in a row - well done me! But somewhere in all those travels on all those paths I have lost a small part of myself, the creative part, and I miss it.

So this blog is my space to create. To start writing for myself (not for the company, the boss, the investors), to put some focus around practicing my writing and my photography and to get me back into the kitchen regularly where I used to love to be constantly!

So I welcome you into 44 Cookham Road!

Bujtor’s baguettes …

My sense of smell seems to be extremely acute, more sensitive than the average person. Day old left overs will offend, milk well within its expiry date will be nosed with suspicion and I could smell a bushfire from several suburbs away!

Virgin no more ...

I had a rare and very welcomed day off work a few weeks back. A whole day I could do with as I wished, imagine my excitement! So I spent the day with a very dear friend who also shares my cooking, food and kitchen accessories passion.