About Me


I'm Mel and I welcome you into 44 Cookham Road!
I come here to practice my writing, post my photographs and share with you the good and the bad that comes out of the heart of our home - our kitchen! I now live in Singapore, but grew up in Western Australia. My most favourite things (after my boys of course) are books, the colour red, pyjamas, photographs and fruit mince pies. I love coffee (too much) and chocolate as well, all kinds of sport and I don't understand the term "middle ground"!

Hope you will drop by again soon!


~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

44 Cookham Road was the address of my Nanna's home for 37 years and a place where I spent a good portion of my childhood. It is a place that holds many beautiful memories for me and importantly it was where I learnt to cook!

So when I decided to create a space for Andrew and I to chronicle our food adventures and give you all the opportunity to come into the heart of our home and share in the good and the bad that we create in it (in case you might like to try it too!), ’44 Cookham Road’ felt like the right name for the space.

Perhaps it is born out of nostalgia or a want to bring a place that is so special to me alive again in a different way. Maybe it’s the need to honor beautiful memories or a way to explore an old habit I seek comfort from. Perhaps it is a bit of all of the above!

At the very least I know it makes my Mum smile and I am sure it would have made my Nanna ‘tickled pink’!

So welcome, explore, we hope you enjoy your time at ’44 Cookham Road’ as much as we do!