Tom (too) Yum Goong Soup and salt tinged fresh air

This is my view as I sit here writing this to you, those are my funny looking feet at the bottom there ...

Breast or leg?

Ratatouille. The word comes from Occitan (ratatolha), a romance language spoken in southern France, Italy’s Occitan Valleys, Monaco and Spain’s Val d’Aran. The French word “touiller” means to toss food. The dish originated in the area around present day Occitan Provenca.

He bottled Asia!

It is so hot in Singapore at the moment. You wouldn’t think that it could get any hotter, but it can and it did. Hot, humid, sticky, and for once the rain seems to have disappeared. It has been a good 4 or 5 days since we last had any rain, very unusual for Singapore and I wish the rain would come back and cool us all down!

Heart via stomach

I test out a lot of my baking on Andrew’s work colleagues. He works in an office full of hungry people who are more than happy to be fed. Usual practice is that he puts the goodies out on the bench in the lunch room mid-morning and most people will tuck in after lunch. Andrew collects the empty container at the end of the day along with any feedback.

Sing-a-Nut Pie

One fine Sunday, a dear friend and fellow Blogger - the lovely Caja of “DejaFood” - challenged me to a pie-off. An international, 6,000km flight away, trans-continental Key Lime pie-off.