Apologies for the silence. Time seems to get away from me these days. I could say I am not sure where my days go but that would be a lie. I know exactly what happens to them. I unashamedly spend hours of my life staring at this gorgeous little face...

Who wouldn't?

We recently took a trip back to Australia and as always I was inspired by the amazing fresh produce on offer.

The farmers markets and green grocers were chock full of lovely winter treats. Bunches of baby carrots with their green feathery tops still attached, giant bulbs of fennel and long, creamy white parsnips all sat next to bundles of dark red rhubarb and crisp, tart granny smith apples.
So we baked crumbles and roasted lamb racks, serving them with a winter salad of radish, fennel, baby carrots, young potatoes and watercress dressed in THIS dressing.

We also caught up with dear friends. This gorgeous young lady...
... will be one year old tomorrow. I was with her parents when she was born last year and have loved watching her grow and develop over the past 12 months. One very proud God-Mummy right here!

Since the trip back home, revitalised and invigorated, I have been trying to get back into the kitchen (between the bouts of staring) to pull together more than the quick slap up dinners I have been serving since William arrived. So far my efforts have yielded a very under-whelming Arabian freekeh soup and a so-so red quinoa salad. I am not sold on these so called 'super grains' or this clean eating caper.

I have, however, started making my own muesli and seriously why have I only just started? It is as simple as pulling together your favourite grains and dried fruits and tossing them together in a tub. Well my version of muesli is anyhow. "The Naked Muesli" - no toasting, no sweeteners, no artificial additives, just bare bones naked produce. Once I have pulled together the calorie count for my creation I will post the details, watch this space!

Lastly, 44 Cookham Road turned one and I missed it! I am saddened by the fact that the first anniversary slipped by at the end of May unnoticed and uncelebrated. I plan this weekend to make a "retrospect cake" and honor the occasion, better late then never!

Enjoy the week ahead!
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I am currently loving cooking from 'Plenty' by Yotam Ottolenghi, the mango and coconut rice salad on page 244 is a party in your mouth.

Locally - you cant beat the coffee at 'Sarnies', these guys seriously know their stuff, and THIS bar that I went to on Saturday night has some fantastic left field concoctions which make for a very fun night.

Really enjoyed THIS post from Katie Quinn Davies showcasing the treasure trove that is the Barossa Valley in Adelaide.

... and obsessively listening to THIS new album from The National.